Meet Pepper Potemkin, Lola van Dyke, Contessa Blackbird, Miss Diamond,  and the spectacular singer Grandma. Five sinsational Swedish showgirls, proffesional producers and premiere performers. Born and bread in to the art of burlesque they are true veterans of tease, and know all about keeping the spirit of cabaret, old school decadence, twisted humour and parisian glamour alive.

Joined by a love and passion for technicolor musicals, the roaring twenties, vaudeville, hollywood golden days,  as well as all about showbizz’, the girls launched their latest project in 2010: Blackbird Burlesque Cabaret. A talented and tributed show suited for fancy dinner parties, late night clubs, afternoon tea, festivals and your corporate event. Let’s say, for everyone daring to add the little extra edge of burlesque…

Over the years the ladies have performed all over the world, both as a troupe and solo artists: In New York, Las Vegas, Milan, Berlin, Paris, Helsinki, London, Hamburg, Copenhagen and of’course at almost every corner of Sweden. In their hometown Stockholm, they  worked a long time with the famous entertainment palace Berns Salonger hosting both suprise pop-up performances as well as a sunday afternoon tea’se.

The Blackbirds give you tickling and teasing, comedy, variety, singing, swinging and dancing, all wrapped up in a devilishly decadent Burlesque Cabaret!

If you have questions please contact us:

blackbirdburlesque@gmail.com or give us a ring +46 73 151 07 90